Windows 7 Activator

DOWNLOAD Windows 7 Activator is a tool that is designed to activate Windows 7 for free. It contains several futures such as unique key installation that aims to activate Windows 7 totally genuine. Tool is constantly updated to keep it stable.
windows 7 activator
  • How to use

    We explained the steps at the right side. You just need to download the file, extract the contents and run Windows 7 Activator. Finally click Install button to activate your Windows 7.

  • FAQ

    How long will my Windows 7 stay activated?
    It will stay activated permanently. You do not need to keep Windows 7 Activator on your computer.

    Can I receive updates after activation process?
    Yes you can receive updates after activating Windows 7 with Windows 7 Activator.

    Will my Windows 7 be genuine?
    Yes your Windows 7 will be completely genuine which means there will not be any difference between a paid version.

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Windows 7 Activator is easy to use. How to use steps are shown with screenshots above. One click and you are good to go.

Permanent Activation

Your Windows 7 will be activated permanently so you can remove this tool after activation. It requires no installation and portable.

Fast Process

Process takes less than 1 minute. Your operating system will be activated in a minute after downloading the tool.


Windows 7 Activator is protected by application integration check. So it makes it almost impossible to infect your computer.


  • Avatar
    02 Jul 2017

    for anybody getting Unsupported OS warning, running at safe mode solved it for me.

  • Avatar
    23 Jun 2017

    how can I install a HP key?

  • Avatar
    22 Jun 2017

    thx. Will I need to activate again?

  • Avatar
    19 Jun 2017

    hey admin. I got non authorized proc error. running as admin solved it.

  • Avatar
    31 May 2017

    does it work with 32 bit?

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